What people say.......



On Frequencies of Brilliance distance work:


"Jackie must surely be one of those blessed angels who appears in your time of need! Having asked God for help to lift me out of my never-ending story of unhappiness, I was presented with Christine Day's book, and immediately following, Jackie's name was given to me. She assisted me with genuine kindness and integrity as I embarked on my self-healing journey, beginning with an amazingly swift pace of "bone moulding". All arthritic joint and spine deformities, along with severe chronic pain in my back, hips, and knees unbelievably vanished after only two sessions, as Jackie perfectly mapped out and channelled the frequencies required to literally realign my entire body! I now feel so youthful and energetic, as if thirty years of "wear and tear" have been peeled away!


Jackie continues to lovingly support me (seven sessions so far!), resulting in emotional issues being faced and then simply dissolving, and a joyousness entering my life. And although we have yet to meet in person, I sense how she emanates a truly Self-devoted presence, filling me with such reverence for that same Divineness that is directing all life, without any separation. I have immense gratitude for Jackie, whose many years of dedication to this practice are helping me to clearly see - and remember! - the way Home."


K. Kinghorn Ripon, N. Yorkshire, UK


On The Emotion Code:


"I have been trying to unravel a chronic back pain issue for 13 months. Trying various physical therapies alleviated symptoms for a couple of days but my symptoms would always return after 2/3 days. I began to realise that I was holding a lot of tension in my body but despite my awareness of this and best efforts to ‘let go’ I was not progressing and growing less hopeful of resolving the pain as time went by. I decided to try the Emotion Code work with Jackie as a new avenue of support for myself. I spoke to Jackie via Skype and she explained the process of identifying the emotions to be released and the way we would do that together. I had three very insightful and moving sessions with Jackie. After months of feeling debilitated and depressed I immediately began to feel hopeful and cheerful for a start. Then as the days went by the pain levels in my body diminished. I described to her a feeling in my heart like it was full and empty at the same time, which I feel was energy beginning to move again in my body. I also had a sense that this energy was like ‘water in a desert’ and something had been ‘un – dammed’ and released. Through this work I have got to a stage of being pain free at the moment, and the relief is immense. I also began to see how certain traumas in my life that I had clear memory of, had no emotion attached to them, and with Jackie’s compassionate guidance she held the space for me to touch into those times and honour what had taken place on an emotional level for me.


What can I say about this work? It’s not complex, utterly profound, and gentle. This also has a lot to do with the integrity and heart that Jackie Pond brings to her work. I would highly recommend her for this treatment."


Adrienne Egan, Dublin


On energetic cellular healing:


"This woman is brilliant. I can wholeheartedly recommend her work."


Kate O'Connell, voice teacher


"I spent a very pleasant, peaceful hour with you, Jackie, having a holistic re-balance. It was long overdue, as some stressful times had been experienced since the beginning of the year. During my "treatment," I relaxed so much that I was aware of being in different places/dimensions as you worked on me. The effect of the healing was instant. I left your home feeling like a different person. You told me that you had removed some old issues that were clouding me, and I have felt lighter, happier, more confident and positive since my rebalancing. Thank you so much. "


Doreen T