Person Centred Counselling - How can


it help?


I believe that only by bringing consciousness and awareness to our actions, thoughts and feelings can we hope to free ourselves of being driven by life's sruggles and our responses to them.


When we start to examine our lives we often discover that we are acting from a place of habit and responding from places within ourselves that have been shaped by our past eperiences. This can mean that we are not really connected to our true self.


I believe that real, lasting change only occurs through authentic connection. Connection to... your body;


Connection to... your feelings;


Connection to... your patterns;


Connection to... what's missing in your life;


Connection to... your purpose;


Connection to... other people;


Connection to... the world;


Connection to... every moment;


Connection to Life!



My aim is to support you to explore and notice the patterns that block these connections, creating new potential for balance and contentment.


All counselling sessions are conducted within the Person-Centred Therapy framework. The fundamental premise here is that you have all the resources to move your situation forward; my role as the therapist is to support you in that process. This means that rather than placing myself as the expert on your life, handing out judgement and advice accordingly I support you to discover your own inner qualities and wisdom. You are the expert on your life


This framework is about genuine human-to-human connection - I will meet you with honesty and respect and I will support you in reaching a place where you feel empowered to realise an ever-deepening connection to yourself through any difficult stages of your life that may be presenting.


The Body


The mind is certainly important in therapy, but it can also be useful to go beyond the limitations of the mind. Wholehearted Counselling can also be about moving beyond the limitations of the mind, to letting the body become the source of wisdom and guidance. This journey may be supported and deepened by a number of therapeutic processes inspired by Focusing and Gestalt Therapy.


Please Note: It is always YOUR decision what processes (IF ANY) are undertaken.


What kind of issues are helped


through counselling?


Anxiety, life transitions, sexual issues, relationship issues, feeling lost, childhood issues, spiritual crisis and development, grief and loss, meaninglessness, lonliness, letting go and moving on terminal illness, depression, a nagging feeling that something is not quite right, Life..... Anything which is of concern to you.


I work one to one with you and each session lasts an hour in total. During the first session we will spend time deciding if we are a good match and if it feels comfortable to continue. I normally expect to spend an initial 6 sessions with you; the sixth session providing an opportunity to review how we both think it is going and further agreement to continue or not. The counselling environment is one of confidentiality and I see myself as the person who walks along side you for a little while to support you with whatever is of concern at this time.










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