Who am I?



Born in England I moved to Holland in 1988. In 1996 I followed a three-year vocational training to become a shiatsu therapist, studying an extra fourth year with a Japanese Master. During the course of this training I discovered that I had developed an illness and inspired in part by the traditional eastern attitude toward sickness decided to take a new look at myself and my lifestyle and assume responsibility for my part of the dis-ease which I had created in my own body.


In 1999 I started working part-time in my own shiatsu clinic leaving my IT job in 2001 to devote myself to doing body work. Early in 2001 I was introduced to the Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance work. I trained in the Frequencies work and this opened me up more to my true self, I felt more connected to myself and life became less of a struggle. My desire to continue this process led me to participate in an Amanae 5-day workshop (Amanae Workshop Experience) in Israel. During the course of the workshop I discovered that a 9 month intensive practitioner training program would shortly begin in Israel; Amanae had previously only been taught in the US. I was so impressed by what I had experienced during the workshop that I decided to make the journey to Israel and become an Amanae practitioner myself in 2002. The Amanae training allowed me to develop many skills in holding others through deeply transformational processes as well as supporting me through my own transformational process.


Upon my return from Israel I worked in my own practice for two years and at the same time assisted in Frequencies of Brilliance workshops. In 2005 I moved from Holland to Scotland as I felt guided to work for the Findhorn Foundation (www.findhorn.org) a spiritual community, eco-village and educational center dedicated to raising consciousness in the world. I served the Findhorn Foundation for 6 years working with guests who were participating in workshops run through the educational department and living in as a residential co-worker, moving out into the wider community in 2011.


I now work part-time for the Findhorn Foundation and part-time in my healing practice.


Since living in Scotland I have worked to develop and keep myself well informed and "up-to-date" as a healing practitioner by studying what I consider to be some of the more cutting edge "technologies" such as Peak States of Consciousness, Theta Healing, The Emotion Code. I am also trained and qualified as a person centred counsellor.


I feel passionate about my work! I offer you a safe place where you can access, feel and fully experience your Self, holding the space for you to make your own journey and recognize your own magnificence.