What is Energetic Cellular Healing?


Energetic Cellular Healing focuses mainly on the aura and chakra system and its impact on and relationship to the physical body. During an Energetic Cellular Healing session the powerfully transformative techniques applied allow energy blocks and stagnations which may be causing dis-ease, tension, fatigue, anxiety, niggling aches and pains, low mood, a lack of purpose, negative emotions, or poor sleep patterns, to be released.


Ultimately energy imbalances can lead to illness and disease or repetitive patterns of injury. Imbalances can also result from a physical trauma as our energy body also suffers the same injury and damage that our physical body does, retaining a cellular tissue memory (similar to muscle memory) of the event. Energetic Cellular Healing allows the tissue memory to be released and restored to the state it was in before any imbalance was present.


Energetic Cellular Healing also supports the body’s own healing processes following surgery, significantly reducing recovery time. What clients can expect during a session fully depends upon their state of being and on how and where energies have become stagnated.


A single treatment lasts about 90 minutes. The session begins with a brief discussion about what you are wishing to achieve. You remain fully clothed and lie on a treatment couch while I work on your energy body from the soles of the feet up to the head and then out in to the auric layers. Sessions are sometimes experiential with clients being fully aware of guides, spiritual surgeons and loved ones around them. The experience of these sessions might be a feeling of being taken to a place of peace during the session, or it might be a more cathartic experience as you release old energies which are no longer serving you.


A number of different techniques may be applied during the session, depending upon what feels appropriate. Some of the techniques I use include:


Full body chelation
Restructuring & strengthening chakras, limbs and organs
Clearing auric debris
Hara alignment
Spine cleansing