Welcome to Wholehearted Healing


I am passionate about you leading your best life possible. I support you to find and release the imbalances that may be preventing you from doing this. With over 20 years of working with people and a vast experience gained from dealing with my own health issues I am qualified as a therapeutic counsellor and in a diversity of complementary therapies which allows me to provide you with support for every aspect of your life.


I first qualified as a Shiatsu (Japanese accupressure) Therapist in 1999. Shortly before qualifying I was diagnosed with a serious neurological condition. Inspired by the Eastern way of viewing health, even though I was being told by the medical profession that I could do nothing to change my health condition, I decided that I would pursue good health in my own way. This decision led me on an amazing journey that continues to this day. I have learned much, researched endlessly, qualified in a variety of disciplines and gained far, far more than I lost. Through my own experience, I know that there are always steps that we can take to improve our health and I am passionate about sharing these with my clients. This is my path and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you and support you to accomplish great health and wellbeing.